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Does your company have a plan to grow year in and year out? Is there something missing in your effort to gain more customers? We can help!

In this hectic day and age when some things are never what they claim, there is still a small agency out there offering quality design work at a fair market value. No retainers, no big agency overhead, we work on a per project basis. Whether it be a new, professionally designed company or product logo, informative sales brochures, creative packaging design or perhaps a website refresh, we have the expertise to make it a reality — for much less than the big agencies in town.

Our clients have found success in promoting their products and/or services with us and this is reflected in the longevity of our relationships with them. Several of our clients have been with us since our founding in 1993. Check out the quality of some of our award winning work we have done for our clients throughout the years. (See "Areas of Expertise:" at right.) I'm sure you'll recognize some of their names and perhapse know some of them personally.

Our request to you is simple, think about that piece of the marketing puzzle you are missing, give us a call or fill out the contact form. We'll be thrilled to meet with you to discuss ways of bring your company to the forefront.


"Our clients have found success in promoting
their products and/or services with us
and this is reflected in the longevity
of our relationships with them."




Areas of Expertise:


Logo Design


A logo is, many times, the first thing a potential customer will see when forming an opinion about your company. How does your logo look? Is it a true representation of your company? Does it say "we're old and established", or just "old"?


Logo design is one of our specialties at Midwest Creative. We can freshen up an existing logo or design something new and exciting that your customers will remember.


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Packaging Design


Marketing researchers have long shown the importance of a good packaging design. A creative, eye-catching design works as the hook to get your product noticed. An easy to read and informative package keeps your potential customer engaged and satisfied, thus influencing their purchase.


Working with products large and small, Midwest Creative has helped our clients achieve their goals with attractive and informative packaging design.


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Ads, Posters & Billboards


Subtle, engaging and memorable, the best advertising leaves an impression. Advertising subliminally affects everyone. A well-designed magazine ad or billboard still can serve as the most targeted channel to a certain affluent and exclusive audience.


Midwest Creative can help you succeed by slipping ideas past your customers defenses and capturing their interest.


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Product Catalogs


Your brand identity is achieved and enforced with your product catalog. There is something magical about holding a beautifully designed catalog in your hands, whether it is a line of fittings or kitchen cabinetry, it speaks to the prospective customer. It empowers them to make a decision on their own turf. For this reason, catalogs have been around for a long time and will be for years to come.


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Brochures are the mainstay of any company's marketing plan. Use them to tell the story of your product or service and how it is better than your competition. Often used as hand-outs for appointments or tradeshows, these important pieces keep your brand in front of your prospects.


Midwest Creative understands the concept of a cohesive appearance in the designing of all your companies promotional literature.


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Website Design


Websites are the new telephone book of our day. They not only give contact information but also demonstrate what your product or service has to offer. We all want to make a good first impression and we can help you bring out the very best face in front of your prospective new customer.


At Midwest Creative, we do not sell you a cookie cutter website. All of our sites are custom designed to your  specific needs.


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Signage & Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics

Signage and Vehicle graphics are two of the most cost effective forms of advertising available. Graphics on your vehicle will generate name recognition. As you drive around town your logo is making an impression that settles in consumers minds and will influence their behavior.


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